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About Tentinger Law Firm PA
Tentinger Law Firm PA is a legal service provider located in Lincoln, Alaska. A divorce lawyer/attorney practices family law. You can contact Tentinger Law Firm PA at (651) 967-7599 to schedule an appointment in Lincoln, AK or get more information.
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Experienced, Aggressive Legal RepresentationYour attorney should think beyond codes and statutes to consider how the outcome of your particular case will impact your future. In the practice of law, knowledge and ability come from years of experience working inside and outside of the courtroom, trying cases in front of judges and juries, and getting results for clients. From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, we will work toward the best result under the circumstances.What are you looking for in a family law attorney? At the Tentinger Law Firm, you will find a family law and divorce lawyer with extensive experience in handling the legal issues so important to your family, such as adoptions, establishing a will or trust, pre-nuptials, and divorces. We listen to your story and work to understand your interests and goals. We advise and counsel clients on how the law applies to their particular issues. We then proceed to advocate for you, focused on obtaining the best results for you based upon the facts and the law.A Commitment to You...We offer uncompromising service from an attorney that understands the varied nuances of a case. When representing clients, we take the time to listen, to advise and counsel you on how the law applies to your situation -- and ultimately determine what we can do about it. All options and all alternatives will be explored, and we are prepared to take your case to trial, if necessary.
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