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Collins, Liu & Associates, LLP is a legal service provider located in Greeley, Colorado. A divorce lawyer/attorney practices family law. You can contact Collins, Liu & Associates, LLP at (970) 673-9156 to schedule an appointment in Greeley, CO or get more information.
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Collins, Liu & Associates can help you with criminal and family law cases in Northern Colorado. Collins, Liu & Associates also handles appeals at all levels in the courts of Colorado. Our practice includes experienced attorneys that are dedicated to providing top quality representation for our clients. Our areas of practice include: • Appeals • Felonies and misdemeanors • Domestic violence • DUI • Municipal violations • Divorce and family law We handle a wide range of family and criminal cases. If you're facing drug charges, robbery charges, fraud charges, burglary charges, a weapons charge or child abuse charges, we can help you. We can also help your family through the difficult time that is divorce. We'll help settle custody and support cases as well as paternity, visitation, kidnapping, domestic violence and annulment cases. Juvenile cases are also our specialty. If you or your child need assistance with a delinquency, truancy or records expungement matter, call Collins, Liu & Associates. Call today to discuss your situation.
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