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Robison R Harrell & Associates is a legal service provider located in Shalimar, Florida. A divorce lawyer/attorney practices family law. You can contact Robison R Harrell & Associates at (850) 651-1111 to schedule an appointment in Shalimar, FL or get more information.
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If you're interested in adopting a child, and decide to go the private adoption route, you will need the services of a good attorney to help you with the court paperwork to protect your rights. We can help. Robison R. Harrell & Associates are adoption lawyers who have worked with birth mothers and adoptive parents in northwestern Florida for the past 25 years. Concentrating in private adoptions, adoptions that do not involve an agency as an intermediary, Rob Harrell and his associates provide free information and assistance to mothers considering giving their children the benefit of being raised in loving, two-parent homes. All information is confidential, and both the mothers and adoptive parents receive the utmost respect and consideration from us. Our attorneys are able to process various types of adoptions including: • Infant (blood and not blood related) adoptions • Stepchild adoptions • Grandchild adoptions • Adult • Foreign We also provide legal counsel and representation in cases involving wills, estates, probate, divorce, child support, guardianship, personal injuries and criminal charges. Please give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.
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