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Law Offices of Kenneth E Grubbs is a legal service provider located in San Antonio, Texas. A divorce lawyer/attorney practices family law. You can contact Law Offices of Kenneth E Grubbs at (210) 490-1292 to schedule an appointment in San Antonio, TX or get more information.
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Kenneth Grubbs has been licensed by the State Bar of Texas Since May of 1997.This office has tried hundreds of cases in areas such as Family Law, Business Litigation, Real Estate, DTPA, Consumer, Personal Injury, Probate and State and Federal Criminal Law. He has handled well over 500 divorce cases and 400 Real Estate/DTPA/Consumer Litigation Cases to either trial or successful settlement. He has represented over 1,500 clients in all areas of the law. Chances are if your case is a little defferent we've done it. Mr.Grubbs also represents a number of Small business and Companies on a retainer basis. he handles a number of ares of law for each business including debt collection,business litigation defense and business planning.He does estate planning and contested probate litigation and guardianship litigation and handles personal injury from a trial lawyer perspective and is more than willing to try your case to ajury if you are not recieving what you should.Licensed to practice law befor the following courts: Supreme Court, Federal Court-Wwstern District of Texas, Appellate Court-5th Circuit of Appeals....PRACTICING IN BEXAR AND SURROUNDING COUNTIES.
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