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About Law Offices of Beatriz A Pelayo-Garcia APC
Law Offices of Beatriz A Pelayo-Garcia APC is a legal service provider located in Monterey Park, California. A divorce lawyer/attorney practices family law. You can contact Law Offices of Beatriz A Pelayo-Garcia APC at (323) 271-4715 to schedule an appointment in Monterey Park, CA or get more information.
Divorce Lawyers
If you're reading this page you (or a loved one) are presently undergoing a difficult time in your family life. Whether it is a divorce, paternity, child custody, support or property division issues, you need sound legal experience guiding and advising you in the decisions that will be affecting your life. Please take some time to explore and learn more about the complex legal process of family law. At the Law Offices of Beatriz A. Pelayo-Garcia, we are dedicated to providing you with the legal advice and assistance of experienced, supportive and understanding legal representation to meet your individual and family needs. We understand that all family law issues, like child support, alimony, custody disputes, restraining orders and property division often require immediate attention. Rest assured that your matter will receive prompt attention by a sympathetic and encouraging staff that understands your present situation. The decision of which lawyer you choose may affect the result of your case, so please be sure that, above all, you feel comfortable with your family law attorney.
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