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Hoagland Samuel A is a legal service provider located in Boise, Idaho. A divorce lawyer/attorney practices family law. You can contact Hoagland Samuel A at (208) 286-2571 to schedule an appointment in Boise, ID or get more information.
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Samuel A. Hoagland has been practicing law since 1982, focusing on civil and criminal litigation, including: Business law Real estate Pharmacy law Accidents and injuries Divorce, custody & support Criminal defense Employment law Wills, trusts, & probate General practice Mr. Hoagland is licensed as an Attorney at Law and as a Registered Pharmacist in the State of Idaho. A native Idahoan, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy at Idaho State University in 1976, and then earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho in 1982. He is admitted before the bar of the Idaho Supreme Court, the United States District Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Some of his most noteworthy trials include a felony False Claims Act (fraud) case in Federal Court (US v. Day) (acquitted), a vehicular manslaughter case (State v. Pinkerton) (acquitted), an employment discrimination case (Jeremiah v. Yanke Machine Shop) ($135k), a fraud case in Bankruptcy Court (Honaker v. Nelson) ($375K), and many personal injury cases, including Lejardi & Boyer v. Matthews (total $2.3M, Gooding County). He also represented the father of a child who died from an air bag deployment in a low speed auto accident (Blackmun & Greer v. VW). Mr. Hoagland has served as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmacy Law for the ISU College of Pharmacy since 2002. He served many years as a Panel Chairman for Medical Malpractice panels for the Idaho State Board of Medicine. He has served as an administrative Hearing Officer for the Idaho Bard of Medicine and the Idaho Board of Pharmacy. He has served as a Mediator of cases for other attorneys, and is certified as a case Evaluator by the Idaho Supreme Court. He has testified as a witness (pharmacist) in court. He was a member of the Criminal Justice Panel of the United States District Court for 25 years. Mr. Hoagland has been published in The Advocate, the Idaho Trial Lawyers Journal, The Forum, and other legal publications. He also served as a contributing legal consultant for the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. Mr. Hoagland has given many presentations at continuing education seminars for both pharmacy and law, including two nationally broadcast teleconferences on the HIPAA law. Mr. Hoagland is active in the Idaho State Bar, Idaho Trial Lawyers Association, and the Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists. He also maintains memberships in the America Pharmacists Association and the American Society of Pharmacy Law.
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